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PHASE Worldwide’s vision is to provide practical help to achieve self-empowerment.


Passion and commitment

PHASE Worldwide recognises passion and commitment is required to achieve challenging goals, and we aim to nurture this in all our supporters, staff and partners.


PHASE Worldwide feels empowerment is the key underpinning aspect of all our work and seeks to ensure that UK operations and organisations we work with operate with empowerment at the forefront.  We aim to empower people to access services, themselves creating sustainable change.

Needs based

PHASE Worldwide works in the most remote areas of the world where people have the highest needs for healthcare and education, and very little other external support.  We conduct detailed pre-project needs assessment and on-going monitoring.

Strong local implementing partners

PHASE Worldwide values partnership working and will develop links with other organisation to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work.  It is important our implementing partners are trusted country nationals with a vision for their country that is coherent with the vision of PHASE.


PHASE Worldwide aims to support communities, through programmes such as educational development, to a level where they become self-sufficient, this allows us to move into new areas leaving behind self-sustaining benefits, we will work in areas we believe there will be lasting change.  PHASE Worldwide also aims to develop sustainable funding and will develop effective management plans around diverse funding streams.  Funding commitments will be financially responsible and well planned.


PHASE Worldwide is a small tightly run organisation, yet with our expertise we can also take into account national and international policy developments.  Our size means our programme delivery is direct and efficient.

Transparency and accountability

PHASE encourages open honest communication; we will share all data and reports which contribute to supporting our charitable aims.  PHASE will seek feedback from all partners to foster collaboration and will offer constructive feedback to other organisations where requested.  We will be proactive in communicating our outcomes and will be balanced in accountability between our donors and beneficiaries.

Non-religious, non-political

PHASE is a non-religious and non-political organisation.  We will support our beneficiaries based on need, treat everybody equally and will not discriminate.

Cost effective

PHASE Worldwide will work in a cost effective ways to ensure that the maximum amount of money is sent to project beneficiaries.

Knowledge transfer and thought leadership

We aim to develop global links so that professionals can share skills and expertise.


PHASE Worldwide is characterised by a family atmosphere, everyone can get involved and will be welcomed, including young people.

Good employer

PHASE Worldwide wants to offer staff personal development opportunities whilst contributing to national and international development.